Pete Gibbs, Cheshire, UK

Life in 60 seconds

Ready... Set... GO!


Joined the planet

Dribbled, crawled, walked, ran & grew!


School... Educated

Learned some stuff about lots of stuff, including older sisters in school was not always a good thing!


College... Re-educated

Learned some more stuff about less stuff, including that high school teachers lie to keep it simple! Discovered alcohol.


University... Mis-educated

Learned very little about virtually nothing, but could recite the opening hours of virtually every student bar in Manchester.


First proper job... Entrepreneurial start-up

Started at the bottom, worked hard, learned a lot, moved up... Jumped off the top


Self employed... Proper business, had my own office and everything!

BUY BUY BUY... SELL SELL SELL... That business lark was easy... Time to do it on my own... Loved every minute of it!


Dot com start-up time

Back when screens were smaller than my phone but too big to fit on my desk and the bubble still had air in it.


Self employed... Contractor, Consultant, Collaborator

Had skills and the appetite to test them in a number of places... Some good, some not so good... All good experience.


Massive company with an old business model

Catalogue retailer turned top 10 online retailer, digital success story... What a journey!


Very cool food retailer, needed a website

I was the lucky fool to get the gig... From nothing to award winning online retailer in what feels like 60 seconds flat... I've got some serious grey hairs to prove it!

Current Ambition

To have a homepage which loads in line with Google's target < 1 second... This might be my only hope!

A photo...?

Why not... It's tiny... It won't affect the load speed, I have at least a couple of kb left :-)

Full time husband, full time father to 5, full time Online Product Manager at Iceland Foods. Only thing missing from my life is enought time!

Bish bash bosh... DONE

Now you know everything you need to know, that's it, my story has ended. Even better, you are only infinitesimally closer to the end of your life.